Beth A. Bergstrom, R.N., BSN, A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique® Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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Beth Bergstrom graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Boston with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. As a Registered Nurse, Beth spent 8 years working in the Neonatal Care Unit of The Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center caring for premature infants and educating families about home care. After taking some time off to care for her children she went back to work at a busy pediatric practice in Lexington, Ma. It was during that time that Beth realized the pervasiveness of food allergies, digestive disorders, eczema, and many other auto-immune related issues. Additionally, she felt there had to be a better way to help individuals effected by these debilitating conditions. Beth had always been interested in alternative, and integrative care, and found herself turning towards holistic treatments with greater frequency when it came to her own family. Then a close family friend’s anaphylactic son went through the A.R.T.® process with Amy. As the process went along, and the life-altering benefits for this boy became clear, she knew that this was something she had to pursue. Thus began a journey to learn more about the A.R.T.® process and eventually train with Amy Thieringer to become an A.R.T.® Practitioner. Beth has been practicing for over a year out of her home in Winchester, Ma where she lives with her husband Brandon, and their two children, Collin and Ava.

Amy Thieringer

Amy Thieringer,

Master A.R.T.®Practitioner

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